Take your business to the next dimension…
Whether you’re doing 2 deals a month or 20, AstroFlipping’s Mastermind will help pull you and your wholesaling business into the stratosphere. Jamil is shining the light on the systems, processes, and mindset that he’s using to build his success.
By the time you leave our Mastermind, you’ll have the connections, memories, and action plan to rocket your way into space.


FEB 17-19



We’re flipping wholesaling upside down this year – bigger, better, and more valuable, this year we’re opening the doors to a whole new level!
It’s time to find out what pain points and challenges you’re struggling with. Whether it’s finding more deals or having the right mindset, hot seats are the time to get down and deep to help discover and defeat those challenges.

Go inside the secret underground process that defines AstroFlipping. We’ll discuss the programs, systems, resources, and tools that blast our student members in 10, 20, even 50 deals monthly!


Meet and network with other investors, wholesalers, fix and flippers, and more! This is the perfect time to build up crucial relationships, squad up with others, collaborate, and push yourselves further towards your success.

June 17-19

(Friday to Sunday) 

Venue: Astroflipping headquarters 

Tempe, AZ

Day 1 
Get the 360 on how KeyGlee runs their day-to-day business and get hands-on experience. Learn. their exact metrics, KPIs, and outreach volumes that WE have in place to scale to the point we have today doing 80+ deals a month.
Day 2 
Learn how we build and leverage relationships with wholesalers, sellers, and realtors and learn creative Financing with Jamil’s friend and partner, Pace Morby, and his team. 
Day 3
BONUS DAY - It is going to be full of value surrounding the situation you are currently in. It includes topics like leadership and team building. You will leave with the knowledge and advice from the experts on how to advance your company to the next level.


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